Worthington Methodist Church Cemetery
also known as Worthington M. E. Cemetery

Worthington, Franklin County, Ohio
Sharon Township

No evidence of cemetery remains
Was located 2 blocks east of High St.
on the south side of Howard Ave.
A reading published in the 1904
Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly
states "Most of the bodies have been removed"

Central Ohio Grave Search
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NameDate of Birth Year of BirthDate of Death Year of DeathRemarks
Barney, Lucy Ann     09 Jan 1844 Wife of John Barney, daughter of Capt. Lemuel Hulbard, of Vermont, aged 51y 8m
Beech, Evelina     02 Dec 1851 Wife of Samuel E. Beech, aged 36y 2m
Bigelow, Aurora G. 31 Mar 1831 31 Mar 1845 Daughter of Joseph & Levina Bigelow
Brown, Lucinda     28 May 1855 Wife of J. H. Brown, aged 31y 7m 21d
Cowan, George     10 Oct 1845 Aged 71y 5m. Friends, no physician could not save / His mortal body from the grave, / Nor can the grave contain him here / When Christ shall on the earth appear.
Jaycock, Gilbert B.     16 Jul 1844 Aged 34y
Latray, John     31 Oct 1846 Aged 34y
Pearse, Sarah     07 Sep 1847 Wife of William Pearse, aged 59y. Sarah Pease is my name, / Baltimore County is my station, / Ohio is my dwelling place, and / Christ is my salvation. / Now I am dead and in my grave, / When all my bones are rotten, / When this you see, remember me, / Lest I should be forgotten.
Pinney, Augustus     13 Nov 1840 Son of Horace & D. Pinney, aged 5y 5m
Rainey, Lucyann     09 Jan 18__ Wife of John & daughter of William Hulbert of ____mon
Thompson, L. J.     09 Oct 1855 Son of Alex. & Laura K. Thompson, aged 6m 1d
Thompson, Laura K.(E.)     05 Jan 1856 Wife of Alex. Thompson, aged 35y 4m 28d. [ONWGQ lists middle initial K., Ohio Genealogical Society lists E.]
Tone, A.     13 Aug 1850 Aged 20y 11m 10d
Weaver, John     03 Jul 1849 Aged 69y 1m 28d




Franklin County Chapter of The Ohio Genealogical Society (comp.), Franklin County, Ohio Cemeteries, Volume 5, Sharon and Perry Townships, Columbus, January 1983, pages iii and 8. Page iii states "No stones standing." Page 87 states "A current reading of this cemetery yields only the following:" and 2 stones are listed, so it appears there were 2 stones standing at the circa 1983 reading.

The "Old Northwest" Genealogical Quarterly, Volume VII (1904), page 27. http://www.ancestrypaths.com/tips-and-techniques/old-online-digital-books/old-northwest-genealogical-quarterly-1898-to-1912/"



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