Green Lawn Cemetery
Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio
Franklin Township

1000 Greenlawn Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43223
(614) 444-1123

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Name Date of BirthYear of Birth Date of Death
* = Date of Interment
Year of Death RemarksSectionLotFather's name
Quinn, Sturges S 17 May 1868 18 Mar 1870

Quinn, Samuel L
Quinn, Victoria Lee 23 Dec 1871 13 Jun 1923

Mustain, Thomas N
Quinn, William 18 Jul 1929 30 Jul 1979

Quinn, Ray
Quint, Leonard 02 Apr 1887 17 May 1906

Quint, Louis
Quirk, Margaret Annie 01 Dec 1873 31 Oct 1897

Creighton, Isaac
Quisno, Lula Dell Hutchinson 25 Jan 1877 13 Sep 1929

Mills, Wesley
Quith, William

Quynichee, Gabriel (Child Of) 16 Nov 1880 17 Nov 1880

Quynichee, Gabriel
Quynitchee, Charlotte (COL)
1844 27 Dec 1897

Quynitcher, Gabriel
Quynitcree, Sis 04 Feb 1864 16 Jul 1907

Quynitchee, William




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